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Life is about sharing. SHEREN is about the journey.

"Like all great voyages of discovery, it’s a journey through the terrain of Grey’s psyche as well as through the dramatic desertscapes they traverse. But it’s even more than that; SHEREN is also a call to reimagine and reinvent your own life; to actually make your own dreams come true." – Dazed

"The self-published work, two years in the making, is a collaboration between Grey and photographic artist Adrienne Raquel. The vivid tome is alive with rich, sultry images of Grey and his partner sharing moments of reflection in cities and landscapes as diverse as New Mexico, Death Valley and Las Vegas. These are interspersed with introspective texts and poems, sometimes tender, sometimes raw, that delve into everything from the New York hustle and notions of success to female sexual empowerment and black masculinity in America. All put together, Sheren proves that it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the women who get you there." – Nataal

"Alongside photographer Adrienne Raquel, Cleon Grey departs his basement apartment in the South Bronx for an expedition across New Mexico, culminating in self-discovery and rumination that explores his 30 years of existence. Musings on relationships, family, America and Black identity inform ‘Sheren,’ accompanied by intimate, color-soaked imagery provided by Raquel and Grey himself." – HYPEBEAST

160 pages
6 × 8 in.
Printed in Canada
Limited Edition

Text, Design & Photography: Cleon Grey
Contributing Artist: Adrienne Raquel

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